by David DeSandro

Bootstrap logo, or not

A while back Bootstrap author Mark Otto put out a call for a logo. As Bootstrap is the shining star of the open-source front-end cosmos, I was eager to throw my hat in the ring.

I followed up via email with additional iterations on that first concept.

Bootstrap laces logo iterations

Mark was open to collaborating. He wasn’t keen on this concept, so I went back and started the process proper, sketching lots of concepts. I liked using a boot. “Boot” is in Bootstrap’s name. It’s simple imagery. I did a lot of boots.

Bootstrap logo concept sketches

From these sketches, I liked this last concept best: a boot stepping off. It’s a boot in action. It’s analogous to the initial steps that Bootstrap can provide. I cranked out some vectors.

Bootstrap logo iterations

And finally

Bootstrap logo, rejected

Alas, it was not to be. Mark passed on proceeding with this concept. And I get why. Even though this project started on a whim, I should have treated it like any proper creative project. The creative process works best when you collaborate with clients, building and refining ideas together. I made the error of jumping in with my own assumptions. I would have been better off getting Mark’s input about what he was looking for: Bootstrap’s values, character, vision, voice. The logo should have been born out of the authors.

It’s a good logo. I’ll add it to the portfolio. But I’m bummed I missed this opportunity.