by David DeSandro

From Brazil

Last year, I produced a series of halftone portraits for Electric Objects. I used Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr. I treat these photos as the raw medium, like paint on a palette. But they’re of people. It’s their face, front and center.

David DeSandro Electric Objects portraits

In one of their first public demos, the Electric Objects team displayed one of my portraits in a side room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It was just for an afternoon.

The woman from the portrait walks into that room.

Electric Objects Met demo

She’s from Brazil. I hadn’t reached out to her or the photographer. She knows the original photo exists, but not my derivative artwork. Imagine traveling across the globe, peaking into a museum room, and seeing your own face.

Hugo mixed2 Breathing halftone portrait

It’s a lovely coincidence. But I’m embarrassed. The internet doesn’t have to be full of strangers. Good neighbors introduce themselves.