by David DeSandro

You And The Night

Movies hold just as precious a spot in the heart of Anthony Gonzalez as music does. His move to Los Angeles several years ago was partly motivated to enable opportunities in Hollywood. So when it was announced that M83 would be scoring a big budget, post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, it sounded like a slam dunk.

That didn’t happen. Within the Hollywood machine, the soundtrack to Oblivion sounded much like any other big budget action adventure flick. It’s a decent soundtrack in of itself, but you can hardly call it an M83 album.

Now, with barely any announcement, we have the second M83 soundtrack in 2013. It’s respective film, You And The Night, is the complete opposite of Oblivion – an independent French drama about an orgy (seriously did not make that up). Likewise, the results are just as different. This is the M83 soundtrack we’ve been waiting for.

You And The Night is M83 doing what M83 does best. It features all qualities missing from Oblivion – ambient atmospherics, escalating synth drones, mysterious vocals, and simplistic piano ballads – clichés Gonzalez can’t help but indulge.

Given the short turnaround between the two films, it begs asking just how separate these two soundtracks are. Was You And The Night made in response to the disappointment of Oblivion, or was it made out of former film itself? You And The Night features two female vocalists, echoing the same haunting melody, almost mirroring the plot of Oblivion. Tom Cruise’s character is haunted by two female presences – his lover at home, and a woman in a dream.

Most likely, it’s just a coincidence. The two soundtracks act as two halves to the same whole – one a façade, the other a wish come true.